Spreading Awareness and the Skill of Developing a  Meditation Practice

Vim Meditation is a nonprofit dedicated to sharing the practice of meditation with an orientation toward utilizing these skills in a pragmatic way in the world of business and beyond. 

We've geared our lessons to those in business to serve as a tool to still the mind and gain great clarity in one's daily life. 

Meditation as we see it, is a secular practice akin to physical fitness which will produce results by learning from a seasoned practitioner and developing a disciplined approach of one's own. 

The Team

Russell Owens

Entrepreneur, M&A, Executive Coach

Angela Whaley

Director, Marketing, Product, Coach

Leah Brash

CFO, CIO, Executive Coach

Jonathan Berry

Meditation Coach, Trainer

Jonathan Bray

Entrepreneur, CIO, Digital Marketer

Spencer Hughes

Video, Editor, Coach, Audio Engineer


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